How Startup Marketing Is Being Disrupted

How Startup Marketing Is Being Disrupted

Zilch is introducing a entirely new system to provide startups with the marketing they need to grow.

Zilch is a revolutionary new financing business that helps startups and scaleups with their marketing efforts. Typically marketing comes from your direct capital and can be 40%+ of an SME’s business costs. This is a lot to ask from a developing business, which is even more unfortunate as you need effective marketing to grow and be found. This is where Zilch comes in.

“Zilch is the first business to fund your marketing spend before you make sales. We work with a retailer to determine how successful their business is; this is determined from data which the retailer chooses to share from their social and Google ad platforms. We make several offers of funding amounts and repayment options – the important distinction is that repayments only occur when the customer makes sales,” explains CJ, Head of Marketing. The customer receives a Zilch Mastercard and the only thing they need to do is to update their payment details to the Zilch Mastercard and run their ads as normal. As we’re funding the ad spend and not lending money, there’s no interest to pay, only an initial fee and the regular repayments based on sales. It's really straightforward.”

The idea for the business came from the experiences of Zilch’s Founder, Philip Belamant and their investors had seen for themselves throughout decades in business. Businesses struggle to grow because of cash flow, but banks typically view SMEs as risky, making lending harder to come by. Venture capital investment is another possible avenue for raising funds for SMEs, but is an expensive one – giving up a portion of your business to fund its growth shouldn’t be the only option.

The next six months look exciting for Zilch. “We’re growing rapidly with eight employees currently in our Victoria Central Working office and we expect to have more than doubled that by the end of the year.” They also expect to have 100 clients on board by year-end, so why not join in their first year? Get in touch with to find out how funding your digital advertising with Zilch could fast-track your growth.

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